Family and Children Services


(650) 326–6576

Services for very young children (birth through age 5)

We identify children who exhibit emotional or behavioral problems and treat them in their own childcare setting.

We provide counseling services based on play therapy for our youngest clients.

We help forge stronger bonds between infants newly-diagnosed as Deaf or Hard of Hearing and their parents.

We strengthen parent-child relationships by using evidenced-based practices.

Services for children (ages 6-12)

We offer on-site services at schools for children coping with a variety of challenges, making it easier for them to get help.

We work with low-income children who are at risk of truancy and academic failure, and improve their chances of success in school.

We teach children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing how to best communicate, so they can help themselves prevent abuse, while also building their confidence and self-esteem.

Services for teens and young adults (ages 13-21)

We teach life skills to youth aging out of the foster care system, as well as provide support services, so they can live as independent, productive adults.

We offer on-site school services to youth who are having emotional or behavioral problems such as depression or relationship issues, as well as to youth who are at-risk of engaging in violence-prone activities, such as gang activity.

We provide substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment.

We provide mental health services to youth working through questions regarding their sexuality, providing a safe place to talk and working to prevent suicides and other harmful behavior.

Services for adults and families

We provide counseling services for families faced with a variety of challenges, including communication problems, family violence and substance abuse addictions, as well as families who are experiencing parents’ separation, divorce or remarriage.

We offer violence prevention, intervention and treatment so that the cycle of violence within the home can be broken and parents and children learn positive communication and relationship skills.

We provide low-interest transportation loans and financial literacy training to those who could not qualify for a loan from traditional lending institutions.

We bring recently immigrated families together with their children’s schools to improve the children’s chances of academic success.

We offer on-site workshops, crisis management, mediation and consultations to support workplace safety and bring mental health care to area employees.

We help adults succeed in overcoming addictions to drugs and alcohol.

We collaborate with the courts to reduce rates of recidivism for adults who are diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse.